Team DigiSprite

Robyn Davies

Managing Director

Director, Developer, Business Wrangler & Lover of Games. Robyn founded DigiSprite on the ideal that life is too short to not follow your dreams.

Elaine Lithgow


A Veteran of the Video Game Industry, Elaine is our catalyst, contributing to almost every aspect of the company. An old school Wargames General and a ruthless Game Master.

Sam Taylor

Lead Designer

A Card Game Wizard who has been shuffling decks and cracking packs for most of his life. Designer of Engines and Creator of Worlds.


DigiSprite is Games Development Studio based in Dundee, Scotland.

We mainly develop tabletop, board and card games, but also work on digital games for both PC and Mobile.

Our focus is on creating fun and engaging gaming experiences that anyone can pick up and enjoy.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in our services please get in touch and we can discuss your project!

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