Familiar Alchemy

Players: 2-4 | Ages: 10+ | Play Time: 45-60 Minutes
Familiar Alchemy

Familiar Alchemy is a semi-cooperative game of plant growing and potion brewing, steeped in the fantastical magic of Scottish folklore.

The illustrious botanist Beira is looking for a new, budding apprentice! Will you and your familiar heed the call for a friendly competition of botany and brewing at her Highland Glasshouse?

You will need to hand pick the best plants for your Alchemical Garden, care for them so they can grow the ingredients you require and then harvest those ingredients at the right time to make the most valuable contributions to a set of Communal Brews.

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Additional Information

Designed and Developed by: DigiSprite

Artwork by: Moniek Schilder

Rulebook Edited by: Calvin Wong Tze Loon

Photography (Back of Box) by: Raymond Davies

Rulebook (EN): Download

Press Kit: Download